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Juggling equiptment sale!

My bike got stolen yesterday :( so need to get some money to get a new one, and quick!
Up for grabs is a lot of circus/juggling stuff, good for beginners and experts - why not learn a new skill this summer?
Prices inc postage and paypal fees. I will combine orders/postage, etc if you want!

Pink Sparkly Acryllic Juggling Rings

Juggling Rings is a step between juggling balls and clubs. These are lightweight and in great condition. They're also ideal for learning many of the hat juggling tricks, if you substitue the hat for the ring. £4.50

Green Plastic Spinning Plate
One of the best starter plates on the market, it's thin, lightweight and doesn't make a massive noise when you drop it. Comes with a plastic, easy to use, flexible stick. £3.50

Flag Poi (UV Reactive)
Good for more advance poi-spinners, they look incredible when going! Here's a video of a pro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij-36vNKpuk
Apologies for rubbish picture. These are a bit grubby but i'll clean them up before they go out. £5

Fire Poi (chains)
Single-headed fire poi idea for people who want to get into spinning fire. Used but still in great condition. £10

These were meant to switch on and glow/flash but i can't seem to work them. They're still good to practise on, and you can use the strings to attach different things onto them! £2

Brand new fire eating stick
Solidly finished, slender Spitfire stick. With black padded handle, solid aluminium stick, and wide wick. Size: 44cm long Perfect for fire breathing, eating and body burning. Fire breathing is the most dangerous of the fire arts. £3

Diablo's were invented by the Chinese for catching birds as they can be thrown really high! This one is pink, well used, but perfect for the beginner as it's so big. Comes with sticks. £4

Glow in the dark diablo. Smaller, faster and lighter. £3

Devil / Flower Stick
Devilsticks are thrown and caught between two hand-control sticks. This is more of a flower stick which is a bit slower and can move more easily. The tassels at each end adds stability and prevents the stick from sliding off the controllers. Really easy and fun to pick up. This one is silver/holographic and in great condition. £7

Three spare control sticks, you can use these and replace the devil stick with household items such as tennis rackets, brooms, sauce pan lids, etc. FREE with any other item.

Juggling Balls
The old favourite, great for beginners. FREE with any other item.

Job lot of other juggling balls. FREE with any other item.

Juggling for the complete Klutz Book. If you get the juggling balls you can get this for free - you might need it!

Thanks for looking!

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