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The Scottish Juggling Convention 2008

*The Scottish Juggling Convention 2008*

Where: Kinning Park, Glasgow and Bellahouston Academy
When: 1-3rd February 2008
Who: Hosted by Glasgow Juggling Club
What: A full weekend of workshops, practice space, public show, renegade
show, fire show, traders, games, World Record Haggis Juggling, ceilidh,
dinner, breakfast....and introducing our new special feature...
*SHOWERS!!* at the day venue

How much: £32 for adults (£26 if you pre-reg), £20 for 7-17yr olds (£17
if you pre-reg) and under 7s free

Show: Line up to be finalised. Currently Luke Wilson, Sean Blue, Marco
Bonissimo and Jeroen Regtien, Meghan Pike, Sarah Bizkup and Tom Derrick
have all confirmed. More acts in the pipeline.


Walking: Bellahouston Academy is about 10min walk from Kinning Park.
It's also a 10min drive as cars can't go over the motorway footbridge.
Maps on the day. For anyone who has been before it's about the same
length of walk as it was to the Science Centre. There are usually a few
people with cars going over and lifts are usually available.

everyone inside the 24 hour hall. Bring a sleeping bag and mat. Please
try not to bring tents to pitch indoors or giant inflatable mattresses
as comfortable space can sometimes run out. You wouldn't like it to be
you sleeping on the stair landing, so don't make it happen to someone
else please.

If you don't want to sleep at the hall we've got a few suggestions on
where to stay on

There is on street parking if you really want to bring your campervan.
Car parking easily available on the street.

The 24 hour hall will be used for whip cracking workshops during the
daytime. Everyone else is requested to make their way over to the day
venue by 10am each day.

All this information repeated and updated at


The stuff everybody asks:

How do I pre-reg: visit and print off a
pre-reg form and stick it in the post with a cheque. We'll confirm via
email and tick your name off when you arrive.

Can I get in for free/reduced price/in exchange for running a workshop?
No. The best way to get in for as cheap as we can possibly make it is to

Day tickets?
Sorry, not available. Most stuff happens on the Saturday and the
calculations don't make it much cheaper than the pre-reg price.

Can I get tickets for just the show?
Yes. These will be sold in advance for the princely sum of £5. You get
the show, the ceilidh and the buffet dinner included.

Yup. We have access to the shower and changing facilities at our day
venue. You'll need your own towel and soap though.

Will the light be on in the bathroom this year?
We have bought extra lightbulbs just in case. 3 years running would be a
tad embarassing....

What's for dinner/breakfast?
We provide the food at breakfast time Sat and Sun to make continental
style breakfast with bread, cheese, cold meats, cereal, croissants, tea
and coffee. There's a toaster and kettle to hand. While the hall does
have a cooker it is not available for use.. sorry.. health n safety n
all that.

Saturday evening we have a buffet style dinner and we do our best to
cater to carnivores and veggies alike. We try our best to cater to
vegan/peanut allergy/lactose
intolerance/diabetics/halal/kosher/fruitarian/low salt/low fat/low
cholesterol/rabbit food/air and water diets, but to be honest if you
have a food issue that we haven't provided at least one alternative for
(or just think our choices stink) there are lots of carry out places
nearby. Apparently Dominos and Pizza Hut will deliver too. Nearest
supermarket 10-15min walk away.

Oh, and there's usually some free beers.

Will there be T-shirts?
Yes. Designs being finalised now.

Is the area safe?
Yes. In all the years we have used Kinning Park Community Hall there
have been no issues. Not a single person has been assaulted or anything
stolen. Your car will be exactly where you parked it. You may get the
odd muppet or two spouting a clown joke but it's ever so much fun when
the clowns take the mick right back! The area gets a bad name from
everyone... except those who actually live and work there.

As a precaution we do have security organised for the door and back
court area who will be on overnight and any time the hall is unattended.
We'd do this at any location as do most other conventions.

We don't however recommend drinking at the pub at the end of the street,
The Doctors... especially if you wear anything green....

Can I bring my dog?
No. The convention is indoors on rented facilities. Dogs are not allowed
except guide dogs accompanied by a blind person. Juggling dogs are
amusing but unfortunately not allowed.

Can I take some slightly battered haggis away with me?
Sure. First come first served after the world record attempts are done.
Watch out for the wee beasties in the toss up though. They hurt.


That oughta cover it for now....

Keep an eye on for updates as they happen

Show director & advertiser extraordinaire
Generally helpful
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