karamaia (karamaia) wrote in jugglers,

Vote for Gemini Hoops at www.clipstar.com!

I am writing to ask you to please help me to manifest my dream of creating a family healing arts center with massage, craniosacral therapy, chiropractic, midwifery, and workshops for the whole family, including infants and pregnancy.

Please vote for my hoopdancing video "Gemini Hoops" at Clipstar.com and help me to win $10,000! I am currently in 2nd place and need your help to win this contest so as to fund my dream healing arts center for pregnancy, babies, children, and adults.


I am a healing arts practitioner with 10 years experience as a massage therapist, doula, craniosacral therapist, birth educator, hoopdancer, teacher, writer, and mama...please support this project by voting for my video and sharing this with your friends! I have a space lined up, and practitioners waiting to share the office.

I am working diligently to manifest this contest as well as a microbusiness grant that will fruit next year to help the center grow. However, the space may be opening sooner than previously expected and I'm hoping to win this contest to transition this summer into the healing arts center!


Blessings, Kara
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