Darek (juggleboy720) wrote in jugglers,

PX3 Questions

This is sort of a long shot, but I have two questions about my new set of PX3 Fatheads. First, does anyone know of a US vendor that carries colored replacement knobs for PX3s? I can get colored tops from Jugglingstore.com but they only offer the knobs in black. I know Play makes colored knobs but I've only been able to find them on European sites and since the Fatheads only come undecorated I wanted to add a bit of color when I inevitably end up replacing the knobs.

Second question, has anyone replaced the tops on a set of PX3s? Does the little PX3 insert (picture) just pop out to reveal the screw? I don't want to get it out and then not be able to put it back. Just curious, thanks for any help you can offer. Never mind, thanks to the power of critical reading I've discovered it's just a sticker and the replacement tops come with a new one.
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